Book Week- What is your favourite book?

What book did you vote for for Book Week? Why is this your favourite book?

17 thoughts on “Book Week- What is your favourite book?

  1. My favourite book was ride ricardo ride. I enjoyed this book because of the interesting vocabulary and heart felt storyline. From joyfully hearing his dad say “ride ricardo ride!” To the shadows marching through his town. Opps I have said to much better to tell any spoilers! If you want to know more on the storyline you should go read this fantastic book. πŸ™‚

  2. The book I voted for book week was piranhas don’t eat bananas. I chose this book because it was funny, it was for all ages and the story was short.

  3. Why Piranhas don’t eat bananas
    I voted for this book because it made me have a laugh it also make me think about vegies and I love them, there my favourite.

  4. For book week I voted for the book “Mr. Huff”. I voted for this book because I think the moral of the story was a very important lesson/message. And I also liked how the Illustrator mad the pictures very simple yet detailed. This means that the page itself only had a few things on it, but it still had lots of cool features like the scribble marks that make up Mr. Huff or the raindrops as white scratch-like singular strokes.

  5. The book i voted for was “Piranhas don’t eat bananas.” I chose this book because it is my type of humour. I especially liked the part where the Piranha Brian told the other Piranhas ” Eat a banana there nice”. But the others said “We don’t like bananas we like bums.” So Brian is a vegetarian and is trying to convince the others to follow him.

  6. I voted for “Paranahas Don’t Eat Bannanas”. I voted for this book because it was funny and the Paranaha that said “We’re Paranahas we don’t eat fruit Brian!” To Brian was funny because he was rhyming with a part of a human body when Brian named a fruit.

  7. I voted for “Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas”. I voted for this because it was hilarious and enjoyable to read, and I would gladly read over and over again. That is why I voted for “Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas”.

  8. My favourite book series is the Roald Dahl series because it is fun, adventurous and you never know what will happen in his books. I like many books of his, but my friend and I decided to witches from his book called “The Witches” as it is fun and easy to dress up as. I find this book is one of my favourites because you can never predict what will happen and what will go wrong!
    Yasmin K πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Out of all the CBCA books we read this week, my favourite was ‘Why I Love Footy’. I voted for this book because I really love footy: it is such a multi-cultural sport and is becoming more gender-equal, which really represents Australia as a ‘story country’, changing over time. I also chose this book because it is about determination and optimism, even when your team loses.

  10. My favorite book from the library is keep on riding because It is about terrorist attacks and how the boy doesn’t give up on life even though he lost his father

  11. I vote for the book “pig the pug”. I chose this book because it teaches you a lesson not to be greedy or selfish. I also think this book is really funny and teaches you to share your belonging and things.

  12. The book that I voted for for Book Week is “One Step At A Time”. I voted for this book because this book made me feel upset but also very grateful. It made me feel depressed because an Elephant lost his leg from a bomb that went off in the jungle. I also felt relieved because a boy helped the Elephant and took care of him until he felt better. He also helped the Elephant walk again by making a fake leg and releasing him into the jungle again.
    I rate this book a 7/10 !

  13. I voted for Bob the railway dog. I voted for this because I really like Dogs also I like the message, it does not matter if you are a stray you can still be loved by lots of people. I also like it because it was adventures it really grabbed my attention.

  14. My favourite book is the diary of a wimpy kid series. I like this book because its just about his life and what happens. It is a funny book and the audience I think that it would be for are boys or girls 7-8 and up.

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