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  1. This week in Khan Academy I did the topic angels and Digit numbers on my own journey. I used the strategies addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and my knowledge of degrees. I found challenging to find out which degree it is and how much the digit is worth. I asked myself remember what degree it is and to always start on 180 degrees on a protractor to match up my angles and I say lily what does this equation equal.

  2. The activities I did were about fractions and calculating the mean. The strategies I used were division and I used an online fraction wall. The division helped me with calculating the average and the mean of the numbers and the Fraction Wall helped me certain some equivalent fractions.

  3. This week some of the activities that I completed were one step addition and subtraction problems, calculating the mean (average) and calculating the median. Something that I have to concentrate on was calculating the numbers right in fining the mean/average because if I calculated it incorrectly I would have gotten the answer wrong and it would have been a silly mistake.


  4. In Kahn academy this week I did not learn anything new, I was just revising what I have learnt so far. I realised that you need to read the whole question not just one part of it to get the correct answer. Next time I want to focus on taking my time and not rushing through the questions.

  5. This week on Khan Academy, I did the activities ‘Interpreting Quartiles’ and ‘Shapes of Distributions’. They were both new concepts to me so I watched the introduction videos for both activities. I understood them in the end and I learnt a lot of new things, like how to interpret box plots.

  6. Today on khan academy i learnt how to figure out how fraction can be greater less or even and the method i used was finding the common denominator and i learnt negative numbers in charts. This thing came up i it was something year 9s would do.

  7. What did you find challenging?
    I found it challenging when I did not know the definition of Factors and Multiples.
    What strategies did you use to help you
    I used the strategy of thinking what was the equation that I needed to get to the answer.
    What questions did you ask yourself as you completed the activity?
    I asked myself what is a factor? (the equation)

  8. This week in Khan Academy I focused on fractions. I went over some of the things that we learnt in class for example equivalent fractions and putting fractions on to a number line.I also did some new things like simplifying. This week I learnt more about how and where to put the numbers accurately on a number line. Next week I hope to expand my knowledge on Khan with fractions.

  9. I was completing the light puzzles #3 and was finding it particularly challenging. I tried to use the strategy planning ahead so I knew that clicking 1 light will turn on other lights and if I clicked what would be affected by it being turned on. I kept asking myself the same question, What would this effect?

  10. George
    This week on my own journey I found it challenging at some stages and at others I felt less challenged.
    Some of my questions that I had to answere because i didnt really get how to do them.

  11. This week I focused on things I have done wrong in the past.One of the things i focused on was adding and subtracting meters.I found it so hard but I kept trying to get the answer correct and eventually I did it correct.Next week I am going to focus on my Division and timetables.

  12. Today on Khan Academy i did fractions i learned how to put them on a number line. For example ordering them from smallest to largest like how we did in class. I did this by finding the common denominator like how we did in class.

  13. This week on Khan academy I focused on numbers and fraction. I went over some division and multiplication. I also went equivalent fraction. This week I also learnt how work out equivalent fractions and putting them on a number line.

  14. This week in Khan academy I focused on fractions. I found some of them a bit challenging but the other ones weren’t. I didn’t really learn that much there were just some hard fractions and ones I already knew. But for next tome I hope there will be new things to learn.

  15. This week on Khan I used some fraction skills for the mastery challenge. I also did some worded problems in Khan I had to go back and remember the skills I used when we did it in class. What I found challenging was when you had break up part the number into chunks.

  16. This week in khan academy I focused on my long 1000s division. Something that I kept doing was not carrying the number and sometimes I got it wrong. Some strategies I used was my multiplication because I had to divide each number into another number. Something I want to focus on now is 10,000 of long division.

  17. This week for Khan Academy I focused on subtracting decimals and finding percent. I learnt that percentage is always from 100% eg. When they asked me what was 10% of 4? I instantly thought 1 because, my brain thought of 4 divided by 1. I will always remember this.

  18. This week on khan academy I continued multiplication with fractions but in a higher advance.It was extremly challenging but with the helping hand of the video guide and my knowledge of fractions and multiplication I completed the task.

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