Joel Mckerrow Incursion-Reflection

Record our reflections here for our day with Joel McKerrow.

What did you learn? What was your favourige part? What will you remember?

17 thoughts on “Joel Mckerrow Incursion-Reflection

  1. This week on the 12th of August Joel Mckerrow came the poet came to teach us
    poetry. He was telling us the 4 steps to make a poem like the hook activity and the numbers. I learnt how to write a poem and to express how I feel and that that unfair issue bullying should be destroyed. My favourite part when he was making us laugh at the start of the talk. I will remember how to do a poem and to make a difference and a change.

  2. From Joel Mckerrow coming in to school I learnt the two different types of poems, The Hook and Pantoum poems. My favourite part of the day was hearing all of our poems and Joel’s poems. I also like when Joel explained how to make a poem’s performance stand out because I found it helpful to learn. I will remember the order that Joel told us to start to write a poem.
    1) The Dump
    2) The Poem
    3) The Edit
    4) The Performance
    5) The Memorising

  3. I learnt how to write a poem about a critical issue going on around our world. I also learnt how to do Word Banks and Chain Links. My favourite part was when Joel did the For Tomorrow poem. I will remember Joel’s story of being afraid of public speaking and now he does it for a living. I will remember this because I am afraid of public speaking and one day I will be thinking of this story and say “You know what that was not that bad to be afraid of.”

  4. On Friday, the 12th of August a guest poet came in called Joel McKerrow. He taught us about how to write a good quality poem and how to hook the audience in listening to your poem. He took us step by step in the process of writing a poem. He taught us two different types of poems and they were called ‘Pantoum’ and ‘Hook’. A Pantoum poem in where you come up with sentences and on the side of your page you have a list of specific numbers and you slot your sentences into the different number rows. However when there is the same number you repeat the sentence that you wrote. A Hook poem is were you have a specific line (Eg: sentence, catchphrase, question etc.) and then you have a paragraph after. You continue that until you feel like you have a completed poem. The two types of poems I will definitely remember for the future. My favourite part was when Joel performed his poems for us because he used lots of expression so it was entertaining to watch.


  5. I learned from Joel McKerrow how to make poems in an easy way. My favourite part was creating the poem. I will remember the time when I shared my poem.

  6. Joel McKerrow was a slang poet, a fact that I learnt from him was that poems didn’t have to rhyme and Joel made a poem everyday. With Joel McKerrow we wrote two poems. First poem was called a Phantoum and the second poem was called the Hook Poem. To make a Phantoum Poem we had to write lines in this order 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 5, 4, 6, 5, 7, 6, 8, 7, 3, 8, 1 and if there is the same number you write the same line. A Hook Poem is a short so to make a Hook Poem you write a question or statement, a paragraph then the same question or paragraph and repeat it as many times as you want.
    My favourite part was making the Phantoum Poem because I thought it was easy to make.
    What I will remember is that we go through a process to make a poem. First we brainstorm an idea and any words that come to your mind this was called “The Dump”. Next we had to write something without stopping even if it doesn’t relate to the topic this was called “Flow of Consciousness”. Then we wrote metaphors that we could use for our poem. After that we could write our poems and use the ideas we brainstormed and wrote down.

  7. Terrorism is what?
    Is it family being taken away from.
    Terrorism, is it a loud bang that you keep hearing.
    It is something that we can not stop.
    Is it family being taken away from you.
    Terrorism is a machine gun with unlimited ammo.
    It is something that we can not stop.
    Terrorism is a fish swimming in sand.
    Terrorism is a machine gun with unlimited ammo.
    Hope is all we have.
    Terrorism is a fish swimming in sand.
    Will it ever stop?
    Hope is all we have.
    Terrorism, is it a loud bang that you keep hearing.
    Will it ever stop?
    Terrorism is what?

  8. I learnt from Joel to get your message across by engaging with the audience. My favourite part was when we got to experiment with our ideas to have a plan of what where writing. I will remember when he performed because he got his message across to me and I will also remember how to write a poem to catch people’s attention.

  9. George
    Through Joel Mckerrow I learnt that by a poem you can express you feelings and persuade people to do what you want them to do.
    My favourite part was when we got to present our poems because some were really funny and some were really good.
    I will remember that Joel started because he saw that dead boy and I will remember that you can start trying to make a difference because of something you saw that was sad or depresing.

  10. I learnt from Joel McKerrow that we can get messages and feelings across the world by writing poems, I really liked it when we got to scribble down anything and everything we were thinking about in our book. I will always remember Joel McKerrow as an amazing poet because of his fantastic message he sent to me.

  11. What did you learn?
    I learnt how to write a proper poem, The Dump, write the poem, Edit , Performance
    first you start off with the
    What was your favourite part?
    My favourite part was when Joel presented the poem.
    What will you remember?
    I will remember that when you are presenting a poem you have to be in tone to what is happening.

  12. On Friday the 12th of August a guest poet came in to tell us about what a poem is and how most poems have deep stories in them. Joel Mckerrow taught us how to do a good poem and hook the audience in with the poem. Joel Mckerrow to us step by step making our poem. It did take a while but is was worth is because we got to do great activities with it. He taught us two different was of expressing your Ideas on the page and start writing her poem. The first poem was called the Phantoum and the second was called the hook. To make a Phantoum poem there are number on the side and you talk about what unjust issue you are going to write on the page. But if the number was 2 and it came up again you write what you wrote on 2 before. A hook poem is a short paragraph and at the beginning of the first paragraph you put a question or statement. when you finish a paragraph you put the statement or question you put at the beginning and you repeat that how many times you want. My favorite part was the Phantoum because It looked fun and easy to make. I will remember how Joel Mckerrow was so active and the poem making was so fun.

  13. There was a man called Joel McMorrow and he came to our school and taught all of the year 56’s about what he does and how we can do one. Joel McMorrow writes poems expresses peoples feelings and himself. Then we all rite a poem about different issues in our community. I really enjoyed it because it was fun to explain different types of issues in our community. I also enjoyed it because in the poem it had a nice rhythm to all of them.

  14. What I learnt from Joel is that you can express your that about something that has happened in a song or poem. My favourite part was when he sang for tomorrow and how he got emotional and how he was screaming then going soft. I will remember when he was talking about when he started making poems.

  15. Last Friday when Joel McKerrow came to St. Bede’s, I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun. It was fun and interesting when he was telling us the way to make poems like the “hook’ and the “pantoum”. I found that the steps we went through made our poems become amazing and story telling. I felt happy and proud of myself as I made a poem, (hook) about pollution and how it destroys our environment and how we could make a change to it. I had learnt a lot from Joel and it was super fun. 🙂 🙂

  16. On the 12th of August Joel Mckerrow came in and he taught us how to make poems. He taught us about his poems are more about social issues around the world. I learnt some things we use in poetry . He also taught us when to chande our voice when it comes to sad happy angry and stuf like that.
    1. The dump
    2. The poem
    3. The edit
    4. The performance
    5. The memorizing

  17. On the 12th of august Joel McKerrow came in to perform and show us how to make some poems. I learnt about how to to make lots of different styles of poems like a hook and a phantom. My favorite part as when Joel performed ‘For Tomorrow’. I will remember the story that happened to Joel that inspired him to become a poet.

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