Excursion Reflection

Write your reflections on our fantastic excursion today! What did you like best? Was there a piece of art that really connected with you?

9 thoughts on “Excursion Reflection

  1. I liked the tour of the streets the most because we saw so many cool pics of art and had a look at sculptures, paste up graffiti and much more. I think the pice of art that connected with me the most was the pool of water and the bowls. I think this because it was nice and calm and I feel that I am kind of calm.

  2. Today the 5/6’s went on a excursion around the NGV and the city. We recorded a few personal thoughts and responses to some artwork, as well as taking photos and videos of them. My personal favourite artwork would have to be the graffiti alleyway. This was my favourite part because it was most interesting to me to see all the different drawings/creations and see someone else’s perspective of art. I think I could really connect with my second favourite thing, the pool of bowls. That is because as a child when I visited the NVG the pool of bowls were the front display and I would always stare at them in fascination. To be reminded of these things so many years later made me really reflect on visiting the as a small child.

  3. The Colourful Elephant and the water bowls isolation! It connected with me because of all the emotions it had like peaceful, freedom, love, relaxed, happy and calm. It also connected with me because of the bowls when they were banging the sounds were quiet, soft, relaxed calm and peaceful it makes ne think about peace and quiet. The colourful elephant connected with me because the elephant was colourful and showed and made me think about the emotions, colours and elephants. The elephant says and talks about pattern and colours.

  4. On Tuesday the 5/6’s went into the city to see some different styles of art in our local area and in the NGV. My favourite part was looking at all of the different arts styles and trying to figure out the message. One thing that connected with me the most was the bowls in the water. The sound of the bowls hitting each other rang in my ears for the rest of the day. The music made me feel calm and relaxed. After going on the excursion I learnt how there are so many ways to express your feelings through art.

    Eve 🙂

  5. A piece of art I like the best was clinaman which was the moving bowls. I liked this because it made me feel relaxed as I heard the music that the bowls made. Something I learnt on the excursion was that there were a lot of things in Federation square that were art e.g the elephant sculpture and flinders street station

  6. during the excursion this week one of my favourite things was going around the streets and looking at the street art. It made me look and notice more of the finer details which I never noticed before and made me look at what the art could mean. I don’t think that anything in specific connected to me but definitely I liked the street art.

  7. Today when we went on the excursion to the city my favorite part was the Graffiti street art i thought that it was cool. The art that connected with me was probably the bowls in the water because it was very calm and peaceful.

  8. What have you learnt?
    I learnt that if you have a creative idea you should trust yourself and make it happen What inspired you?
    When we were in the art gallery and we saw the bowls hitting each other to make a sound because it was so different, this inspired me because this artwork was so different
    What did you find interesting?
    I found it interesting that a large amount of pathways in the city were colourful

  9. I really enjoyed the excursion to the NGV and the walk around the city. I found the water bowls thing relaxing and peaceful. In the alleyway there was some really creative paste ups but some of them didn’t need to be there. I would have liked the NGV though to be more organised of where we were going like a tour. The grounds of flinders street station was amazing with all the hidden art work that was there just like the tilling. I can’t wait for our art exhibition

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