Khan Academy Reflection- Term 3 Week 2

Reflect on the Kahn Academy exercises you completed this week. Record your reflection in full sentences as a comment below.

What did you find challenging?

Why strategies did you use to help you?

What questions did you ask yourself as you completed the task?

5 thoughts on “Khan Academy Reflection- Term 3 Week 2

  1. The activities I did for Khan Academy were related with Number and Algebra. These activities were pretty easy. One of the questions were hard but then I broke it down into bits and worked it out.

  2. Khan Acadamy,
    Activity 1: Times Tables Table With Grid coordinates.
    For this video it shows how to create a times table table with coordinates so you can map every times table.
    Activity 2: Missing numbers on the number line examples.
    For this activity it shows how to fill in numberlines with missing numbers every segment. All you have to do is work out how many leaps and then divide it by how ever many segments.

  3. i didn’t find it challenging this week because it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be. Some strategies i used were times table and i also used count on. That’s all and i had no questions this week.

  4. This week, I completed the activity Absolute Value to Find Distance. It was a little challenging but wasn’t completely new to me. I asked myself the question, ‘what symbols are used to show absolute value?’. I also watched a video on mean, median and mode, and learnt what median and mode are and that mean is the same as average.

  5. Today on khan academy I focused on multiplying fractions. I found understanding how to multiply fractions quite hard but easy to remember.

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