Khan Academy Reflection- Week 6

Reflect on the Kahn Academy exercises you completed this week. Record your reflection in full sentences as a comment below.

What did you find challenging?

Why strategies did you use to help you?

What questions did you ask yourself as you completed the task?

22 thoughts on “Khan Academy Reflection- Week 6

  1. This week for Khan Academy I did the activities:
    -Multiplication and Division word problems
    -Addition and Subtraction Word Problems 2
    How I worked both equations out is I read the question carefully, pick out the key words, find the operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), then do my working out.

    • Wow Monique your reflection is really good. Your description was really understandable. I would think you did that easy.
      Good Job

      From T.C

  2. on khan Academy this week I found that the worded problems were fairly easy and it was not a completely long time I spent doing the activities. But I think this weeks session on khan was basically just building up on my prior knowledge and making me that little bit more confident

    • Wow Isabelle,
      Cool reflection, don’t worry your not the only one that finds the division hard, I always use my times table too to work it out
      From Alessia πŸ™‚

  3. This week in khan academy there were some worded problems.
    They were worded in a tricky way so I had to think of what it was trying to tell me before I wrote my answer.

  4. I think both activities were fairly basic. I think it was very important in these activities to know your times tables and division facts. Also I thought, it was very important to underline the key parts, just like we do in class.

    • Hi Tom
      Great work Tom and It’s true you really need your times tables in division. I sometimes rely on my times tables in division too.
      Keep up the great work Tom.

      From Benjamin

  5. I thought that the start few levels were pretty easy though then it got harder and I didn’t really know how to do them. I though it was a little harder than I thought

  6. This week on Khan Academy I found it not that challenging but one thing that did challenge me was that sometimes I was not reading the problems correctly so I got the answers wrong. After getting not reading the questions right I started to underline the keywords which helped a lot. One question that I did ask myself after every question was, ” is this correct and do I need to check over it?”

    • Wow Eve this is an amazing reflection.
      Ps 5/6L I really like the layout and structure of your blog.

      From R.J 5/6JCC πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    • To 5/6L
      I really enjoyed reading all of your reflections
      Ps 5/6L I really like the layout and structure of your blog.

      From R.J 5/6JCC πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  7. During Khan academy this week I didn’t really find anything that was challenging. Some strategies I used were counting backwards to make sure my answer was correct and using a pen and paper or the scratchpad to help me figure out my answer. Some questions I asked were, Is this the right answer? or Will this effect the outcome of my problem?

  8. I didn’t find much challenging in this weeks Khan Academy except for reading some of the questions carefully and doing the working out in my head. A strategy that I used is mental calculation to help me get the answers and just knowing what the answers were. A question that I asked myself while completing this was does this equal the answer correctly.

  9. I found Khan academy a bit challenging and also a bit easy because one time I got all of my answers wrong because I didn’t read my questions and I just rushed when I tried to read it so next time I know to stop, look and read the sentence and also slow down.

  10. At the start of the questions were a bit tricky than I asked my myself “Can I work backwards doing this? If not what other strategic way can I work this out?”

  11. I like to have a piece of paper with me when I am working out the worded problems. I can use it to write my working out. I found that the multiplication problems were the hardest because it wasn’t the best way for me to work out using the inverse opperation with is what I had been doing with the addition and subtraction. Next time I am going to use a diagram to help me.

    • Hi Maysie,
      I think it is good that you used a piece of paper to work it out and it is good that you are going to try other strategy’s next time to work the question out and get the right answer. There is always more than one strategy to use like make a table, draw a diagram, guess and check or vertical addition or subtraction.

  12. I found the Khan Academy activities this week really easy to do. I remembered my division and multiplication facts to help me solve some of the problems.

  13. For homework I was directed to write on another class’ blog and I chose your blog. Some of the things that I liked about your blog was the layout and structure. I also liked how you gave your students options on the maths homework. This allows students to have choices in their learning.

    S.A 5/6JCC

  14. This week for Khan Academy I did the activities:
    -Telling time (labeled clock)
    -Tell time without labels
    In the activities I had to work out the time on the analogue clock and read the hands correctly to get the right time.

  15. Khan Academy reflection, term 2, week 11:
    This week, I did an activity called Statistical Questions. It was a bit confusing at the start because I didn’t know how to distinguish a statistical question from a non-statistical question. I watched the related video and found the task less difficult after that.

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