Touch Typing Reflection- Week 5

How did you go on your touch typing?

We you are able to type your sentences without looking at the keyboard? How accurate was your typing?

Write a reflection below to share your progress. Remember to set yourself a goal in your reflection.

16 thoughts on “Touch Typing Reflection- Week 5

  1. With my touch typing this week I found it easy and a little bit difficult. I got some words wrong. Two words in a line was the most words I got wrong. I was able to type all my words without looking at the keyboard. My typing was very accurate but sometimes i’d press the key next to the letter I wanted to type. My goal is to be very very accurate with my letters and what I press.

  2. I think my touch typing is good and smooth and i thought it was pretty easy after all and the thing that was hard was longer words because sometimes i stuff up.

    • Hi Josh,
      Would it help your touch typing if you looked at you fingers first and then tried to spell the word without looking.

      From Mostyn

  3. My goal is that next time I need to remember where my letters are on the keyboard and not to always look at the keyboard.

  4. I didn’t really go well I don’t because my iPad does automatic spell check so I don’t really know how I when. Though I think I whent well.

  5. When I did touch typing practicing my spelling words, I think I did alright but I could improve on remembering were each letter is, for example getting confused with g and h. If I keep practicing, I think I will improve a lot and I will try writing harder texts.

    By Yassi 🙂

  6. My touch typing was good but sometimes I got the word incorrect. I was able to write most of the words but got some incorrect words . My typing was pretty accurate I only got 3 words incorrect. My goal is to go slower in my touch typing to get the answers correct.

  7. I think I did well for touch typing . My goal is to try and not look at the keyboards that much Because I know that I am looking at the keys.

  8. This week I think I did well for my touch typing because I am not looking at the keyboard as much and I think I’m getting the hang of it. My goal for next week is to really concentrate and not get as many wrong as I did this week.


  9. I chose Method Research Seriously Liquids Confirmation because I might be able to use them when I’m typing up something. I could use these in a very simple sentences without looking at mt keyboard. My typing was not that actuate so I had to do the words a few times. Next time I would like to work on my accuracy and focus on longer sentences.
    Eve 🙂

  10. My touch typing is getting better, but sometimes I still make mistakes by pressing the wrong letter on the keyboard. But overall I think my touch typing is going very well, and I would like to improve on it more!:)

  11. On khan this week i found it easy but the division and multiplication worded problems because they were abit challenging and i found everything else easy.

  12. In my touch typing practice this week I made maybe 3 or 4 mistakes each line of 5 words. I think I did OK, but a goal for me is to memorise where the letters are and work on my speed.

  13. My touch-typing is getting better every time I try. I like to always have a go at my touch typing when I’m on the computer. I find it harder for the longer words because I feel like my hands are going all over the place. I do like doing the BBC dance mat more than typing or spelling words but I have found doing the spelling word has helped me more!

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