Khan Academy- Week 5 Reflection

Reflect on the Kahn Academy exercises you completed this week. Record your reflection in full sentences as a comment below.

What did you find challenging?

Why strategies did you use to help you?

What questions did you ask yourself as you completed the task?

9 thoughts on “Khan Academy- Week 5 Reflection

  1. This week for Khan Academy I did the activities:
    -Two- step equations word problems
    -Multiplication and Division word problems
    -Add and Subtract on a number line word problems
    For the activity ‘add and Subtract on a number line word problems’, the way I worked it out is you had to start on the left or right (depending on addition or subtraction) and then you see the numbers that you would have to add or subtract.


    On Khan Academy I did the activities Two step equations word problems, Multiplication and addition worded problems and last of all Addition and subtraction number line worded problems. I found challenging that there was things I didn’t know like (x), (t), (c), (j), (b), (p), (m) and other things but I wanted to have a go and try my best because even if you don’t know something you can also have a go and sometimes you can get it right.I gave it a go and I got some correct in the multiplication and addition worded problems and addition and subtraction number line worded problems because I gave it a go and tried my hardest to do my best.I also found challenging to know what strategy I am using for all the problems I have. I used the strategy’s multiplication,division,addition and subtraction

  3. I didn’t really get the 2 step thing but for all the activities I got I think I was pretty good at them the stradergy I used for the multiplication and division sums was that I wrote the sum on a piece of paper thought it was vertical and horizontal that’s how I worked it out.

  4. I found that the Add and Subtract on a number line word problems activity was very challenging, but then I went back over the video and was able to answer the questions. The other two activities were fairly easy. I just had to identify the operations, then I new the answers.

  5. The activities were a bit tricky at the start. But then I used some hints to help me work out the questions.

  6. On Khan Academy this week I found that the two- step equations word problems was the hardest. But the strategies was to think back and to use inverse operations. Also to look back on the videos. When I was doing the task i said to myself “Are you sure that this is right” and ” What do I do here”
    Eve 🙂

  7. I found khan easy this week but the division and multiplication question because they were a bit challenging but they rest i found simple.

  8. This week I found the two step equation worded problems pretty hard. I needed a bit of help but once I practiced a few questions and worked out a strategy I was able to complete the activity on my own. I used all four of the operations to complete this activity. I used division, multiplication and addition to do the other two activities.

  9. Khan academy has helped me to get better in maths I am also hoping this will help in NAPLAN! I like to go on khan academy and do other things I’m having trouble on as well in class. I don’t like it when I have to do 3 questions to complete the activity when some of them are really hard so I get on wrong and have to start again. My goal is to have a working out sheet of paper with me when doing the activities.

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