Kahn Academy Week 2

Reflect on the Kahn Academy exercises you completed this week. Record your reflection in full sentences as a comment below.

What did you find challenging?

Why strategies did you use to help you?

What questions did you ask yourself as you completed the task?

23 thoughts on “Kahn Academy Week 2

  1. This week on Khan Academy I did the activities:
    -Find the missing number (addition and subtraction within 1000)
    -Break apart 3 digit addition problems
    -Add and subtract on a number line
    A strategy I used for the activity ‘find the missing number’ is I subtracted the smaller number from the big number and that’s how I got my answer.

  2. In khan academy this week i found it easier to subtract from 1000. Some strategies I used was working it out on paper with carry over and i used my power in my brain. I didn’t find anything that difficult on khan this week and some questions were i try it the opposite way and see if i get the right answer.

  3. Khan Academy Reflection:
    On Khan Academy I found challenging was finding the missing number to an addition or subtraction equation. The strategy that helped me was watching the video when I found the task challenging. I asked the question should I subtract or add this number.

  4. what I found a bit challenging was the division and the strategies I used was to use my times tables and think about what I learnt .The questions I asked myself was is this answer correct.

  5. I think the Most challenging part was the division. The strategies that I used were to try and use my multiplication. The questions that I asked myself is, is this the correct answer.

  6. For Khan Academy This Week, I thought it was easy because most of the tasks that we had to do I already had done before from past experience. For the first task I would subtract or add the numbers depending on if it were an addition equation or a subtraction equation. For the second task I would check the numbers on the top to make sure it was right and for the third task I did the math in my head and followed the line to make sure it wasn’t skipping or leaving behind any numbers and checking to see if the end result was right.

  7. I think khan academy was really enjoyable. I just need to focus on my subtraction, multiplication and the volume of things. Apart from that I had a good time doing problems like 435- = 210. And many others. I can’t wait for more khan academy actives.

  8. On khan academy I found challenging filling in the missing gaps. But once I found a strategy it was much easier. One of the strategies that I used to help me was vertical addition and subtraction

  9. When I began every activity that I did not understand I got frustrated. But when look up the definition of some of the major words I was able to figure it out.

  10. On Khan Academy this week,
    I found the activities made me think about my answer, not just write it down. The resource I used sometimes was the scratch pad. Some questions I asked myself were “Do you really want to submit that without double checking?”

  11. I found the “find the missing numbers within 1000” challenging because the further you got the higher the numbers got. I also found the break apart numbers one a bit challenging because it involved a lot of addition and working out> I also found the number line one really easy because there was only one question and the question wasn’t hard at all.

  12. This week on khan academy something I found challenging was that I’d have to check over my answers a couple times to make sure my answer was right and there were no mistakes. A strategy I used was, while doing the addition and subtraction I found it easy to use the scratch pad to help get my answer. Some questions I asked myself while completing these activities were, am I doing this correctly? Is this the right answer? and Should I try again and see if I get the question right?

  13. I found the first one hard but then i added the two numbers together to find out what the number was subratcted/added from.

  14. I found finding the missing number activity a little bit challenging but it made my brain think a bit harder. The strategy I used in some of the activities were to reverse the question to find the answer. A question I asked myself as I completed each task was If I did this question in reverse would it still have the same answer?

  15. I found all of the khan academy activities difficult at the beginning but as I got used to them they became easy. Strategies I used were addition, subtraction, and working out the sums on paper


  16. Something I found challenging was the find in the missing number activity because I didn’t get how to do the first question but then when I did it again I got the hang of it. In the add and subtract number line activity a strategy I used was to read the question properly because you may not get it correct.

  17. This week I did Khan Academy I did the activities Find the missing number addition problems, Break apart 3-digit addition problems and add and subtract on a number line. I found challenging that I had to reverse the problem to get the answer. I used the strategies Addition and Subtraction.I said to my self the answer should be in the question all I need to do is look.

  18. I found the Khan Academy activities pretty easy this week. The main thing I had to remember was the inverse operations. A strategy I used was vertical subtraction and the jumping strategy (on the number line).

  19. i found khan a bit easy this week. and my strategies that i used were vertical multiplication and the division questions were easy aswell but i learnt more on multiplication and division.

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