Introducing Class C!

While I have been teaching at Tengeru Village I have been mainly working with Class C!

Class C has about 11 students in it who are about 6 and 7 years old. It is like Grade 1/2 at St. Bedes.

Each day we have an hour of English where we focus on letter sounds and making words with these sounds. We then have an hour of Maths where we focus on Addition up to 15. We have Art where we have been drawing different African and Australian animals. Finally we have health where we are learning to brush our teeth and wash our hands properly to be ready for lunch.

All the boys in Class C absolutely love Soccer, which they call football, and Maths. Does this sound familiar?

Many of the girls love to sing and dance. When we are learning a new letter sound we always sing it in a song and do a dance to help us remember. Maybe this is something we should start doing in 3/4LE? What do you think?

Below are photos of the kids in the class.

Their names are, from left to right, Said, Godlizen, Bernadetha. Gian, Patrick, Holiness, Gertruda and Idd, Hadisa and Jems.

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Video from Miss Ellenby – Learning to Skip

Hi 3/4 LE,

Miss Ellenby asked me to post this video to her blog because the internet is very slow in Tanzania and it probably would never upload from there. Here is a little girl learning how to skip. It’s gorgeous. Please comment below and tell us your story of when you learned to skip? What age were you? Where were you? Do you still skip often?

Collaboration in Tengeru Village

How and Why do we Collaborate?

As you focus on collaboration at St.Bedes in Balwyn the kids of Tengeru Village in Arusha Africa are also focusing on working together.

At the moment we are mainly focusing on sharing different things with others, including pencils, rubbers and sharpeners. As these are limited in Tengeru Village it is very important that the children learn to share these important resources, being kind and generous to one other.

Next at time you are using something think… Can I share this with someone?  It might be sharing a rubber or a pencil or even just a smile 🙂

The word for share in Swahili is ‘shiriki’. Try and use this today 🙂

More fun in Tengeru Village!

As a way of giving back to the community that has already given me so much I brought some school supplies and fun games to give to the students and teachers of Tengeru Village.

For the teachers, I brought pens, stickers and some special rewards they can use for the children. For the kids I brought some grey lead pencils, coloured pencils and crayons, some pin wheels, art supplies, skipping ropes and hacky sacks.

Thank you very much to Daisy, Olive, Katie and Andrew Oxland who also donated some school supplies for the kids.

The kids come to school with very little stationary. Some kids had pencils smaller than their little finger that they were using for each class. For Class B there was one rubber for the entire class of 20 students. These supplies are much needed in the village and the teachers and students were very grateful.

The kids absolutely loved the games, especially the skipping ropes. Some of the children hadn’t seen skipping ropes before and they are still learning how to use them.

This is Angel. She is part of the Baby Class. Watch her as she learns to skip for the first time!!





Tengeru Village



Class C                                                                                              Class B

Today I started working with the children at Tengeru Village. It is a very small primary school about 40 minutes outside of Arusha with 4 classes. There are two ‘baby classes’ which have about 20 kids in each class, up to the age of five. There is Class B and Class C which are kids up to 6 or 7 years old with about 15 in each class. At the moment I am working in Class C with my friend Ignes who is from Norway and has come to volunteer as well.

The kids start school at 7:30am and have breakfast at school. They start the school day at 8:30am learing Swahili for the first hour of the day. We are arrive at the school at about 9:00am. We spend one hour teaching English then another hour teaching Maths. We then teach Art and Health in the next hour before finishing the school day at 2pm.

There are many children in the village who do not have the opportunity to attend school so these kids are so excited to learn. They love to sing songs as a way of learning.

Gradually I will introduce you to each member of the class through the blog and share some of the fun activites we are doing at Tengeru Village.

I have arrived safely!

Hi 3/4LE!
I have arrived safely in Aftica and I am settling into my new town of Arusha.
Arusha is a town in the North of Tanzania, about 30 minutes from Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a main city in Africa. You’re probably thinking of a big city with sky scrapers and paved roads and many different shops but a main town in Africa is a little bit different.
In Africa there are mainly dirt roads and small stalls that are run by the local families. There are a couple of large supermarkets and shopping centers but this is mainly for the tourists.
I am starting volunteering tomorrow in an orphanage, or a ‘baby home’ as they call it here. I will be looking after babies and kids up to 5 years old and teaching them music and organizing other fun activities for them. I will also have to learn how to change a nappy while I look after the little babies! Wish me luck!!
PS the hostel I am staying does not have Wifi so I have to go to the local shops to access the Internet. Please leave messages, comments and emails if you like and I will reply as soon as possible. Hope you are all having a great holiday! 🙂