Miss. Ellenby’s Adventures

Hi Everyone!

Hear all about my adventures on the page ‘Miss. Ellenby’s adventures.’ You can find this page on the right hand of your screen, in the little writing under the title ‘pages.’

I will update you with photos and messages as much as I can. The internet can be very unreliable here in Africa but I will see how I go!

Please comment with any questions or messages and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

From Miss. Ellenby 🙂

What are you doing on your holidays?

As the term is coming to an end many people are leaving for fabulous holidays!

Please keep us updated of your travels below through comments on this post. If you would like to share some photos on the blog or in class next term please e-mail them to Miss. Ellenby or Mrs. Pegoraro on dpegoraro@sbedesbn.catholic.edu.au


Homework- Week 10

Your response may take the form of:

  •        A descriptive piece
  •        A story starter
  •        A poem
  •        A recount

Your response must:

  •        Be 5 to 6 sentences in length (no shorter, no longer)
  •        Use correct grammar and punctuation
  •        Self-edit your work before publishing to check the above
  •        Be published on the class blog before Thursday