We have another 2 baby chicks!

Another baby chicken has hatched this afternoon! We have another black and a light brown chicken. They are hatching very quickly!! The most recent chick took me by surprise as I was doing my work!! Very exciting!

Stay tuned there is one more that is very close to hatching!

I would love to hear about what you are seeing on the live stream! I have noticed that when the chicks hatch they are very tired and lie on the ground for a while until they are stronger. What have you noticed or observed?

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The Live Stream is up and running again! Watch our chickens hatch!

After some problems with the internet today we have got the live feed of our chickens back up and running! The internet connection at St. Bedes is still temperamental. I will try my best to have it working when I leave school tonight and hopefully it will still be running for the remainder of tonight.

Another egg has hatched today and another one is hatching as I write this post! Stay tuned and see the other eggs hatch tonight. They all have cracks and are very close to hatching! They might have all hatched by the time you come in tomorrow!


We have our second chick!!

Our second chick has hatched just now! We now have two chickens! I think that will be all tonight. When I looked this afternoon those two eggs were much further ahead than the others. Check tomorrow morning to see if any others have hatched.

The live feed will stay on all night and day until they are all hatched 🙂


Our Chickens have arrived!

Finally our baby chicks have arrived!

We have a collection of eggs in an incubator in the 3/4 break out space which are part of 3/4LE’s and 3/4A’s class animals. The chickens are predicted to hatch on Wednesday so we will be watching them very closely in the next day or so to see any movement or cracks that may occur. For the next few days they will stay safe in the incubator so please do not touch them or tap on the glass. It is very important that we make our growing chickens feel safe 🙂

Please come and visit our animals if you like. Keep an eye out for photos in the upcoming week!


Explaining the Life Cycle of an Animal- Homework Week 3

As we observe the life cycle of many different animals we begin to understand the changes they go through in their lives. As they grow they develop important body parts and features which help them survive in their habitat.

This week for homework it is your job to explain the life cycle of an animal of your choice. Try and include as much detail as possible and try to use some scientific language to describe the process.

If you are struggling to think of an animal to write about here are some ideas!



Make sure you edit your work and post it as a comment on this post. Enjoy!