What do I need to show in my Inquiry Project?

As we begin our Individual Inquiry for this term we are starting to think about what we need to show in our Projects in order to be successful.

As a class, we co- created the following Success Criteria. These projects will be completed at school in the following weeks. We will be reflecting upon our learning as we take active steps to reach the ‘top of our mountain’ and make our learning visible.


What do you need to show in your Inquiry Project?


  • Reflect on your ‘top of your mountain’ and record steps you have taken in achieving this
  • Choose an appropriate graphic organiser for your topic
  • Show your first thinking clearly
  • Demonstrate your new learning using a graphic organiser
  • Make sure your information is important in answering your rich question
  • Use a primary source in your research
  • Put your research in your own words
  • Use a range of sources in your research i.e. books, internet etc

What a fantastic example of deep thinking!

photo 2 (1)

Today we stepped inside The Last Supper and imagined that we were part of this experience. We could choose to be a person or object involved in this Passover meal and think about what we could see and feel. 

As Bethany completed this activity it is clear she has thought very deeply about this situation and it’s meaning. Well done Bethany on presenting such a fantastic example of deep thinking.

What a fantastic piece of writing!

Early this week Charlize Biondo created a piece of writing, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Charlize has worked to include some describing words  in her writing and make sure her ideas are communicated clearly. Well done Charlize!

Here is her writing…

I was at a wedding and I saw a little white rabbit running into the bushes. I ran off to see if it was real or not. Suddenly I saw a path, so I started to think this couldn’t be real. I came to a dead end. I looked through the bushes and kept running until I fell into a hole that went forever. I was falling in the darkness. Suddenly I fell to the ground and saw a key. I was so tiny. There was a table with a love heart shaped biscuit on it. The biscuit said “Eat half of me.”


Look out for more examples of our fantastic learning in the future!

Writing Stimulus- Week 7 Homework

writing stimulus 6

Write a paragraph response to this picture.

Your response may be:
– a descriptive piece
– a story starter
– a poem
– a recount

Your response must:
– Be 5 to 6 sentences in length (no shorter, no longer)
– Use correct grammar and punctuation
– Self- edit your work before publishing to check the above
– Be published as a comment on the class blog before Thursday