Do you have a book to share?

Have you read a great book lately? What made this book so good to read?
Do you think others would like to read this book?

Comment on this post and recommend a book that you think others would like to read. Include a reason why your book is a great book to read. We will spend some time creating a ‘Reading Recommendations’ wall in the classroom to help you choose a wide variety of books to read.

You can suggest as many books as you like… So get going!

The Stages of Forgiveness

Today during Religion we thought about the Stages of Forgiveness: Admitting wrong, Saying Sorry, Forgiving and Reconciliation.

As a class we created a chart sharing times when we have used or experienced these stages of forgiveness.


Once we had finished we began to realise that we had all shared in very similar situations and found a connection as a class, realising the importance of forgiveness not only in Sacrament of Reconciliation but in our everyday lives. 

When have you used the stages of forgiveness in your life?

Our Inquiry Projects!

We are working hard to find historical facts about the great explorers of our world. From Marco Polo to Christopher Columbus, to Captain Cook to Abel Tasman, we are beginning to understand what they discovered and why they felt the need to explore.

We have researched facts using different sources and now we are beginning to answer our rich questions about our explorer. We’ve experienced life on a boat from our excursion to Polly Woodside and now we are trying to use this knowledge to help us understand the explorers and their great journeys.

We are well on our way to our presentations in Week 10!

Do you know who discovered your land? Why do you think some explorers explore?

From the class 3/4LE

Blog Guidelines

This blog has been created to give us the opportunity to share our learning with our friends, family and community. It is important that we use the blog properly and sensibly. A Blogging Guidelines page has been put up to help us understand the best way we can use this blog and keep ourselves and others safe.

Please read this page as it contains guidelines for both students and parents.


What a lovely day for a Picnic!

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Yesterday the St. Bedes Parish had a picnic. With lovely food, weather and company it was an amazing day. This event was a lovely way to start of our school year and is a reminder of the fun and loving Parish community we have here at St. Bedes. 

What was your favourite part of the picnic?